Alarm Monitoring Perth

Alarm monitoring Perth

We have outlined the concept and reasons for alarm monitoring (this can be optional), some of the ways it operates and explained how a monitoring centre funtions.

Monitored alarms

The monitoring centre can be the most valuable part of your alarm system for both you and the alarm company. For the alarm user the peace of mind comes from knowing that help is on the way when needed is always welcome and often insisted upon. For the alarm company because they have the added peace of mind they have done everything in their power to providing you with the available levels of protection.

Monitoring centres have the same function around the world, when your alarm is violated it sends a digital signal to the monitoring stations receiver. The receiver takes only a few seconds to decipher where the signal is coming from and what type of response is required. This information is than translated by computers and a dispatch screen is shown to the first available dispatcher. The dispatcher connects to the proper authority and relays your systems request for a response.

In most non-emergency situations, the monitoring centre phone the home contact number before they dispatch to the appropriate designated authority. If you answer the phone and give the correct password they will disregard your alarm as a user error. If you give the wrong password, the monitoring centre will say “Thank You” hang up and dispatch for a holdup or intruder situation.

This is yet another great people protector, that is built into your monitoring service.

Family protection

If you are not home to answer the call a dispatch will be made and the monitoring station will begin at the top of your call list to contact you, your family or a nominated person with a warning of dispatch. This is not to get you to go and check, it is so you will not walk into a dangerous situation.

Looks like another one of those people protection features, when used properly doesn’t it?

This process of dispatching and then contacting you or the people on your call list may be modified to calling the people on your list and only then dispatching as your choice.

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