House Alarm System Perth

House Alarm System Perth



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There is a rising trend in developed countries, of an increasing number of people living by themselves in a house or unit style accommodation. SecNetCo considers itself to be a market leader is making single people feel safe and secure within their home.

We do this by discussing with you your wants, needs, feelings and listening to you and in particular what we can do to ensure you can arrive home with the confidence that there is absolutely no body in your home or on the premises.

In the ideal world you can be at home with a minimum amount of passive sensors monitoring specific zones within your premises detecting unwanted visitors so they cannot approach your house without you knowing.

Yes you may have the odd false alarm every year when an infrequent friend drops by unannounced but this is infinitely better than no false alarm at all and having to worry about your safety in a place you call home.

We will certainly not suggest solutions that will not make you entirely happy, we will also not insist on anything that will make your home look or feel like a prison, our aim is to be the complete opposite by giving you freedom at home that is invisible and unobtrusive.

Our Risk Consultant will be extremely accommodating and will demonstrate and discuss with you options to suit your budget. We can, as a team, give you back the security and safety you and your family deserves. With the knowledge that we can give something back to the community in making it safer and more enjoyable for your family, we will commit to the extra mile of service..

Our motto of “Trust SecNetCo with your world” means just that – we can show you how it is possible to have a peaceful night’s sleep every night while being protected by the best system in the business.

Our entire team has a very ‘can do attitude’ nothing is too much trouble put us to the test, call us today!

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