Perimeter Alarm Perth

Perimeter Alarm Perth




Our philosophy at SecNetCo is to provide you with the best possible protection 24/7 every day of the year, so it would be remise of us not to inform you of the latest technology available on the market from around the world. Some households already have a burglar (intruder) alarm system designed to activate when someone is in the house.

But why let a burglar get that far?

The vast majority of houses and units in 2008 still do not have any form of OUTDOOR ALARM SYSTEMS / PERIMETER ALARM SYSTEMS !

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This is trend undoubtedly will change as the years go by, and an outdoor alarm systems will become part of a standard package option.

Why put yourself and you family at risk of unwanted and undesired confrontation?

Wouldn’t it be that much better, if you could detect an intruder the moment they entered your garden or driveway, rather than waiting until they are in your lounge or bedroom?

Sophisticated detection device(s) placed in your garden or driveway will monitor specific areas and alert you to these unwanted intruders, letting them and you – know that they have been detected.

Chances are – it will be enough to send them packing.

Call us right now to chat about how A PERIMETER ALARM SECURITY / OUTDOOR ALARM SYSTEMS could be an excellent option for you !


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