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outdoor alarms perth

Outdoor alarms Perth, the range of external products provides a simple, reliable and versatile option for adding external detection to your home. Whether you want to protect the outbuildings, possessions or detect and deter intruders before they enter your home, these products will provide a solution for you.

perimeter alarm system, perimeter alarms perth

They are capable of operating as a stand-alone system or can be integrated into an existing security system. These products are the perfect addition to existing internal alarm systems where detection has been limited to indoors.

Their flexibility means your outdoor alarm system can be designed to monitor specific areas or control detection to a boundary or perimeter wall, specific garden areas, swimming pools etc …whatever suits your needs.

Pet Friendly

Your pets, and the neighbourhood wildlife, can also be catered for ensuring that you’re not disturbed every time the neighbourhood tomcat starts his patrol or Rover needs to go outside. Outdoor alarm systems can have pet immunity sensors so your own animals do not set it off. The outdoor alarms are purpose designed to your particular home and animals.

Alarm warning

You can incorporate audio and visual indication to alert you in the event of activation or utilize the option of talking detectors to warn a potential intruder of their detection. Often an effective deterrent!

Garden security

Your Security Consultant can explain and show you how simple outdoor alarms and early intervention can be. As well as ‘traditional’ hard-wired products, we also offer a range of wireless detectors that can be placed anywhere in the garden – front, back or sides – without having to do any ground work or lay cables.

There are many different outdoor alarms that are soursed from around the world, and one of them is bound to suit your particular circumstances / property. Perth outdoor alarms are becoming more popular each year.

With SecNetCo your safety and security just got better

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