After the appraisal the consultant will discuss with you the points he has observed and those which need to be clarified in further detail. When all areas of your property have been considered, including the family and pets, the consultant will discuss with you the various options available.

A Security Risk Profile will be compiled for you. This entails determining consequences of a burglary when you are on holiday versus when you are at home, the likelihood of this happening based on your situation, what impact this could have on your possessions, family and way of life, and so on.

The approximate cost for a security system will be given, based on the required components to achieve the desired result. The Risk Consultant will be able to design a system that will meet your needs, as neccessary as your needs may change over time. Once you have fine-tuned the areas needing protection and security, an exact cost can be determined and a written quote will be provided for you.

Any recommendations that are discussed but do not need to be done within the system at the time of installation, for instance garden lighting and timer switches to turn on house lights when you are away, will be noted for you as separate items to consider at a later date if you so chose.

If you decide to select SecNetCo as your security provider you will deal with the same risk consultant throughout the project. He will co-ordinate and manage the entire installation.

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