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Closed circuit television ( CCTV is the more commonly used abbreviation today) a TV system intended for a limited number of viewers (as opposed to broadcast TV) items may include, a monitor, lens, cameras and sensors etc, with all ancillary equipment required for the surveillance of a specific protected area. CCTV CAMERAS are now common place in the Perth CBD area.

These are common names of items that you may already know or will become familiar if you add to an existing alarm system or purchase a new one:

AS/NZS: Australian/ New Zealand Standards:

This is the standard with the objective to assist insurers, alarm companies, equipment manufacturers, clients and the police in achieving a complete and accurate statement for the intruder alarm system required in particular premises.


Specifies the minimum requirements for the design, installation, commissioning, installation and maintenance of intruder alarm systems.

Risk profile:

The information regarding the likelihood of risks and their consequences is used to determine the minimum classification of an intruder alarm system.

Intruder alarm system:

Is any system designed to detect and signal the presence, entry or attempted entry of an intruder into an alarmed area.

Security consultant:

Is a person who investigates or advises on matters relating to the watching, guarding or protection of property. The security consultant must not carry out such activities unless they hold a security licence of that class. (Class 4 licence requires passing a Security and Risk Assessment Certificate, having police clearance, passing a police examination and holding a current Security Consultants licence).

Indoor alarms:

Are used within a shell of a building to detect an intrusion or attempted intrusion.

Outdoor alarms:

Are used around the perimeter of a building to detect an intrusion or attempted intrusion prior to the person/s gaining access to the shell of the building. (often referred to as early warming perimeter alarm systems).

Detection device:

A devise designed to generate an alarm condition in response to intrusion, an attempted intrusion, tampering or deliberate activation.

Tamper detection device:

Any devise designed to generate an alarm condition in response to unauthorised interference with a part of an intruder alarm system.

Alarmed area:

The total area to which detection is afforded by an intruder alarm system or any group of zones that can be collectively controlled.

Control equipment:

The equipment that processes signals to provide appropriate outputs, this may take the form of the main control equipment, data gathering panel, or other equipment appropriate for the system.

Hard wired:

Using actual wiring, such as copper wire or fibre optics to connect part or parts of an intruder alarm system.

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